How do I install and license Granthika on a second computer

I recently hit my first-anniversary date with Granthika and love using it. Unfortunately, my computer is over five years old. I needed a new one. Naturally, the first activity for me on this computer is to install Granthika; however, I do not know what I need to do to put Granthika on this second computer.
If anyone knows how to do this without having to buy a 2nd copy, since we are allowed to have Granthika on two machines, please help me get this done.

The current story I’m writing is not so large that Granthika is slowing down, which I have heard it can do.
Nevertheless, the story is large enough that I am beginning to see a pause in the app occasionally. One of the main reasons I bought the new device is to give Granthika the power needed to grow my story and not get bogged down in the details. To do this, the new machine is fast, has lots of memory, and uses an SSD drive for the operating system. While SSDs are getting cheaper, a 4TB SSD costs a grand, aka $1000.00, and I can’t afford this, at least not yet. After I sell my first book? :slight_smile:

So, I will be limited to which programs I allow on my small SSD drive, and Granthika is my first choice. I would appreciate any help getting Granthika installed on my new machine. Since it’s been a year since I got Granthika, and I didn’t expect to have a new computer any time soon, I don’t remember how I got it installed and linked to my account. If there is a key, I am missing it or don’t know how to find where or what it is.

Help? And thank you!


I no longer have the new computer. I was interrupted in purchasing a new computer when it arrived bathed in its sweat. Apparently, after carefully wrapping my new computer in plastic, by the time it reached me, there was over a third of a cup of water in the wrapper, and the computer was covered in droplets. The long and short story is that the company was forced to take back the computer and refund my money.

This being the case, I will address the answer of putting Granthika on a second machine once I’ve bought one. However, here is what I learned:

  1. Keep your license number for Granthika in a safe but accessible location.

  2. If you have that number, it should be able to be used to activate a second machine. With any luck you kept the installer and can use that to install Granthika. Otherwise, if you don’t have the installer, the only option I know is to get the trial for Granthika as a new user, ignore the requests to buy, save the installer, and enter the license there. (If anyone knows a better way, I’m still interested in finding it. The same applies to getting a copy of the key or license!)

Usually, I do save the installer and key; but somehow, I lost them both. I have been known to be so excited about some products I forget to do my due diligence! :-/

  1. If you don’t have the license, the fastest way I’ve found to contact someone at Granthika is to contact the company you paid for your key. Mine could not provide the key; however, they got me in contact with someone at Granthika. PM me if no other method works. But you will need to contact the payment company and try them first.

  2. That failing to work, you can also try to write here, but I wonder about the activity in the forum. I haven’t seen much after coming here off and on for over a year. Does anyone else come here? Reply to me if you do; I would welcome that! :slight_smile:

Either way, I’m here for the long haul. I’m about a third of the way through the book I’m writing. I plan to add my information to the About Me section in this forum. And…

I’m interested in all the help I can find to get my book published… once I’ve finished writing it. :wink: I have read and watched almost everything available on any site with a Granthika link.

P.S. If anyone has a tried-and-true method of breaking the habit of using TWO spaces after a period, I would be interested in trying it. I have attempted to punish myself by correcting this mistake every time Word finds it, but so far, that’s been unsuccessful. I shouldn’t be surprised. It took me years to learn, and I shouldn’t expect anything less when trying to unlearn it.

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