I soon discovered that running a business leaves little time for anything else. It was feast or famine. Either I had more work than one person could handle, or I worked to spread the news that I was available. Unfortunately, I was never good enough at finding enough contract work to hire anyone to help me full-time. I live in a small town. The two times I was able to hire someone, one stole from me, and the other found a full-time job. After ten years, it took five more years till my last customers found someone to replace me.

Throughout these five years, I wrote several short stories, always searching for the right one to make my great novel. Many of these were rewrites of stories lost when my Commodore 64 died, or the discs aged out and rusted through the years. Although stories were lost, none called to me like the one I’m working on now.

My current writing, as I believe it does in everything I write, reflects my diverse background (NIST, NASA, DoD, Nuclear Power). While I never fully mastered the mathematics of calculus, I had a mind that could visualize what the math said to me. (It’s one thing to understand the math of calculus, it’s another to be able to use the identities to solve equations.) I focused on technology and quantum physics but yearned for a world of Fantasy. I was torn between these two worlds and grew up in a world that could barely keep pace with technological developments.

Raised in this rapidly changing and tumultuous world, I am motivated to write a straightforward story about adventure and inner conflict. I have strived to avoid hate-fueled physical altercations and battles compared to most modern storytelling. Instead, I prefer more serene and natural inward actions that bring about spiritual growth while engaged in the physical struggle for life and survival in a fast-paced environment. We have enough battles in real life, and this has the potential to teach us more about ourselves by focusing on the wonders of existence and seeking to grow inwardly. But, most importantly, my story twists and turns and contains secrets. Secrets that my wife forbids me from discussing until the book is finished; I have found someone to represent me, and my book is under contract to be published. I have rarely seen anything remotely like what I have created, and it’s a story yearning to be told. When the time comes, I will look for a few readers; maybe it will be you. The title was the first secret, and we believe the title and the story will also go viral. I want to say so much more, but I must put my fingers on the keys first. :blush:

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