Renaming Part I in Editor

This is a decent writing program. Congratulations. Although I can add a “part” and “rename” it if need be, is there some way to rename “PART I”?

Dear Michael,

Thanks for the kind words!

You should be able to rename anything from the table of contents panel, including the top-level element which is by default named “Manuscript”.

Could you clarify what you mean by:

is there some way to rename “PART I”

Did you try renaming something that didn’t work? What was it?

Kind Regards,

To the right of Table of Contents, and above the gray Formatting Bar and white text area, in the blue bar it says “PART I”. Since I don’t always use “parts” I can’t find any way to rename that “PART I” to something different . Thanks!

Ah, yes! Please ignore that, it’s just some default fixed text that was overlooked and stayed there in the application. It is not part of your content and we will removed in the next update of the software.

Apologies for the confusion and thanks for pointing this out!

Kind Regards,

Ah, now I understand. Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile: