Query on the software shipment

I being a aspiring screenwriter from India who basically Software Engineer by profession using celtx from past 3 years to write my scripts. Since I have seen only one tool so far, the UI, features & other things while going through the demo videos astonished me. It has great features. However I am not interested to buy the product, instead I would like to make a deal.
Since I write scripts, I would like to use & test your tool as script writing tool. Its not a free service also. If the deal is ok, then we can negotiate on thinking how much pay I would get for this work. Also I would like to know, the scripts which I write, they are my scripts & I presume there would not be any security breach so, that they are stolen from the account.[Since I would be not the regular user, u know!]

Whats the benefit of accepting my deal:

  1. I basically QA engineer who tests desktop apps, webb apps and also automated them.
  2. I think I would be the best user to give the realtime bugs if any in the system and help to improve the product.
  3. Its a kind of dog fooding which definitely requires for any product.
  4. Its basically a win-win situation to both of us.

Hello, Puttaraju! Thanks for your post. Since this is our Writing forum, can I kindly ask you to contact us at info@granthika.co with any non-writing related questions, ideas, offers etc.?
Much appreciated!

Sure… If it is not appropriate here…I tried deleting my post thinking it shouldn’t be odd question in this forum…However it didnt allow me to delete…
Please go ahead delete this…I’m ok with that.

Apologies for the inconvenience!