"Publishing 101: Get Your First Book Deal" with Laura Mazer: Webinar Transcript

Vikram: Hi, everyone, thanks for joining us today.

[00:00:07] It's my great pleasure to welcome Laura Mazer, our friend, and just to give you a very short introduction: she's currently an agent at Wendy Sherman Associates. And before that, she was the executive editor of SEAL Press, which is a boutique imprint of the Hachette Book Group, where she edited adult nonfiction. And under that imprint, she had many New York Times best sellers. She also was the managing editor of Counterpoint and executive editor of its imprint Soft Skull Press. And then before that, if that wasn't enough, she was the managing editor of Creators Syndicate, which was a global news agency that represented people like Hillary Clinton, Arianna Huffington and Molly Ivins.

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