Moving components


I am just getting started with Granthika and I accidentally created a scene in the very beginning before my first chapter, but I can’t move the scene down to nest into the chapter I want it in. I know scenes are the last item in the chain of things that can be nested, but I thought I could move them under a chapter. Is there a limit on where things can be moved based on where they were originally generated? It would be helpful to have total portability just in case a scene is accidentally created in the wrong place.



Hi, Talia,

There’s no limit on where you can move a scene (or any other discourse element), besides the limitation of not being able to put a chapter inside a section, etc.

You can click-and-drag the scene into a chapter (

You can also cut-and-paste a scene into a chapter (

Hope this helps.



Yes this is definitely helpful. Thank you. I did want to say that I really like the layout. It’s streamlined and very pleasing to look at. Also, so far it is pretty intuitive and has allowed me to get started right away.

Thanks, it’s really good to hear that.

Please do feel free to send suggestions, feature requests, etc., our way.