Granthika: An Introduction

Sometime in late 1996, I began working on a new novel. I had turned in my manuscript for my second book (a collection of short stories titled Love and Longing in Bombay), had taken a holiday from writing for a few months, and now was beset – again – by that restlessness which comes from not working on fiction. So I began; I knew this was going to be a book about organized crime in India. Like everyone else in the country, I’d read the newspaper reports about the transformation of local gangs into large “companies” organized on corporate principles, and I had followed the bloody internecine wars, which included an infamous shootout with the police a few blocks from my home. So the echoing of automatic weapons gunfire was not merely cinematic any more, and the reality came closer and closer to home – I had friends in the Indian film industry who had been the victims of extortion by the companies, who had been threatened and shot at.

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Great project that surely will be a must for writers as soon as they get to know it! Eager to learn more, on this website. Congrats to the whole team and all the best

Thank you, Dora! Will be writing more over the coming weeks about how we’re imagining and implementing this functionality.

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This is very interesting and intriguing! Congratulations to the entire team of Granthika! The name is very well chosen. From what I gathered from your blog post, you have designed this software with an aim to make it an useful functional tool for fiction writers. I went to your ‘Features’ page to figure out how it works. Sounds fantastic… but I guess I have to apply it to a work-in-progress to really understand the process. Looking forward to that experience, and to being tutored by you via your posts!

A stray thought: Granthika is a great idea. And the key word in its operation is ‘functionality’, I guess. But even as I am excited by its possibilities, I also feel a sense of loss. Why? Because when I write, what I enjoy most is the silent communion with myself. It’s something very sacred to me. But with Granthika, that will be gone: my thoughts, even as I type, will be subjected to ‘deductive reasoning’ - which will be a kind of intrusion in that sacred space.

I must be sounding awfully stupid - especially to a geek - but thought of voicing it anyway!


Hi, many thanks for your thoughtful comments.

We’re very aware that writers don’t want software (or anything else) interfering with their process while they work. So, Granthika is built to accommodate the preferences of individual writers. That is, if you want it to stay “quiet” while you work, it absolutely will; and then you can later ask it to apply its intelligence over what you’ve written. You’re free to use as many or as little of the application’s features as you want. The general idea is to let writers use it as a very flexible partner through the writing process, providing just as much help as the writer wants, as and when the writer wants.

Hope this makes sense. Much luck with your work!

Thank you, Vikram, for this response. What you say is very reassuring; and yes, it makes sense! I look forward to using Granthika.

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