Finding a Book: The Writer's Journey

The first inklings of a book are always vague—a glimpse of a character, perhaps a landscape. You then must discover the narrative through writing, rather than plan it. This is (of course) a personal reflection, relating to my own experience in writing within the genres of literary fiction and literary non-fiction. But I think the following stages are fairly common among writers I’ve spoken to and have heard talking about their own work.

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Gorgeous post… Clear, revealing and… inspiring.

Thanks, Dora! Hope you’re well.

Also hope you’re well. Looking forward to Granthika’s launch :wink:

Although I’m now unhappy to learn I’m a “bleeder”, your post will help motivate me with my own non-fiction writing, all vaguely tech-marketing nature.

(Hope Granthika is finding a business angle that will attract investment.)


I’ve only met a couple of writers in my life who are (allegedly) not bleeders. So you are in good company.

Working on all those business angles, although the first port of call is the fiction writing community. Which we hope will serve as proof of concept. Fingers crossed.

We’ve released a beta, by the way:

The post perfectly captures the nuts and bolts process of writing. Although, I’m a screenwriter, but the process is very much similar.

In a weird way, it’s good to know that someone of your stature takes 34 drafts to finish a thing. A mere mortal like me is surely on the right path.

Ha, glad (or sad?) to hear it resonated. I think the process is similar in a lot of artistic domains.

I’ve worked a bit in the film and television industry, and for me that process was very alien. There are the joys of collaboration, but also the frustrations (big star says, “This speech really isn’t working for me”). And the constant drumbeat of budget concerns… In a book, I can write an “epic” sequence for pretty much free; on a film set, the producer is calculating per diems and transport costs from the first day. :slight_smile:

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