Character creation bug?

Pretty simple: When trying to create a character, the “Create” button gives no response. “Cancel” works fine.

This is on Granthika version 0.1.1, running on Windows 10 Home, version 1903, on a Dell Inspiron 13, 7359

(I’ll also give the feedback that the description box seems small on this screen, which might be an artifact of the type size. Not sure if that would be a separate report, although it is about the Character Creation element.)

Huh. And now they’re there. (Two tries, two characters.) Not sure when they appeared (I was watching Altered Carbon). Perhaps the process is just slow?



Thanks for reporting this! There are a few issues like this that users have reported and that we believe have a common cause which we are currently working on fixing. As you correctly point out, there is a delay in updating the database and no means for a user to know about this delay.