MacOS autocorrect available?

My manuscript has some names with accents. Granthika does not apply the autocorrections configured in MacOS Catalina’s System Preferences. How can I fix this?

I also find I can’t manually add a special or accented character from the MacOS Character Viewer.

Hi there! We are investigating this. For some users their OS-level autocorrect works within Granthika. I will let you know the outcome of our testing (for both issues you mention). Thank you, stay tuned.

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Additionally, I configured my MacBook Pro’s keyboard to not autorepeat a character when a key is held down. The new MacOS is supposed to present a small panel with alternate forms of the character on the key being held down. In Granthika, but not in other apps, holding a key down only repeated entry of the key (prior to me changing the keyboard setting). In other apps, holding down a key presents alternate forms (if any) of the associated character.

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