Conncetions and Mentions Vanished Overnight

Hi, I’m a new user trying to figure out the program which has many elements that are useful for my work.

I understand that it takes a while to figure out how to use a new program. I spent about 6 hours yesterday going through the videos and experimenting.

I finally got a bit of the hang of using basics of the program – I love the connections and highlighting aspect to keep track – but this morning everything (characters, locations, objects) I had highlighted and connected was gone (I did save whenever the program asked me to). The text I had worked on has no mentions, as if they never existed in the first place.

My tendency with a new program is to assume I did something wrong, but whatever it is, I can’t figure it out since I thought I was following directions and I did have highlights & connections yesterday.



and yes, I checked hide and show mentions – the aliases and labels seem to have stuck but all the descriptions, mentions, and connections vanished.

Hi, sorry for the troubles and apologies for the late reply.

If you’d select the “Feedback” option from the main “g” menu, you’ll see a dialog that sends us information. There’s a checkbox at the bottom of that form that allows you to also send us error information. This error information, once our team has it, will be very helpful in getting to the bottom of this problem.

We’ll get back ASAP with a resolution.

Again, sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your patience.



I sent the feedback as per your reply here. The program automatically closed when I did that, and when I relaunched everything was back including all the mentions and connections. So I have no idea why they weren’t showing up yesterday.

And while I have you here, is there some specific way to get paragraphs to import? I use Nisus Writer Pro (Mac) and when I import text as an rtf file, the paragraph breaks aren’t importing, so I have to manually go through the whole thing.

Thanks. Again. I’m still learning, but the ability to create connections is excellent, and I also like the design and overall look of the program (which matters a lot to me).

Hi. I think the RFT paragraphs not importing properly is a bug–our engineers are looking into it.

For a temporary workaround–is Nisus Writer Pro able to export to Word format (docx)? If so, you might try exporting to Word and then importing that file. That should import the paragraphs properly.

Again, thanks for your patience, and for reporting problems. It’s much appreciated. Please do let me know, either here or through the Feedback dialog, of any other problems, suggestions, feature requests, etc.



Thank you! I can export to Word from Nisus, so I’ll try that.

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